Custom Hosting at an Afforable Price

Welcome to 10VPN Hosting.

We are a different sort of VPS hosting company that focuses on custom solutions. While other companies compete with each other for the lowest prices, we focus on custom solutions at an affordable price point. Need console access to your VPS? No problem! Want a site-to-site VPN connection to your virtual environment? We'll make it happen! Need multiple servers sharing a single resource pool? Consider it done! Have a custom OS you'd like for your VPS? Send it over and we'll get it setup for you! We excel in developing custom solutions for your hosting needs so check out some of our prebuilt packages below or contact us for a custom quote today!

VPS Packages

Choose a standard VPS Package. This will give you a 100mpbs unmetered Internet connection with static IP, dual core CPU and negotiable RAM & Hard drive space. We typically charge $10 USD/mo. for every 1GB of RAM and 20GB of Hard Disk Space.

Basic Webhosting

We also offer basic webhosting for people with simple needs and just want a basic website. All of our webhosting options come standard with unlimitied MySQL databases and PHP5. Disk space and bandwith are negotiable but typcially will run around $5 USD/mo. for 1GB disk and 200GB bandwidth.

Custom Solutions

Need site-to-site VPN connectivity? Have a VMDK disk image you want hosted? Want monitoring for your servers or network? Need something else? Chances are we can make it happen! Contact us for more information!