10VPN Global Network Services

10VPN is a network infrastructure company specializing in colocation and connectivity. 10VPN has an open peering policy, the details of which can be found on our Peering page

10VPN Currently operates network services out of datacenters in Burnaby & Victoria BC, Winnipeg Manitoba and Dronten Netherlands, with more locations coming online all the time. All enterprise services are avilable from any of these datacenters by Contacting us

We also offer retail services (VPS, shared hosting, VPN and similar) under our retail sales division, Free Range Cloud

Need more information? Want to peer or connect? Want to colocate with us? View our entry on PeeringDB.com, check out the links below or Contact us directly

Network Information

  • ASN: 396503
  • Vancouver Looking Glass:van.lg.10vpn.net
  • Winnipeg Looking Glass:lg.10vpn.net