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Peering Policy

In general, 10VPN maintains an open peering policy. If a network shares a common POP with 10VPN (either via IX or dedicated cross-connect) then 10VPN will peer in that location. Peering in multiple common POPs, while not required, is encouraged. 10VPN requires that all peers adhere to the following:

Peering via Tunnel

While 10VPN will accept peering via tunnel, we encourage physical peering whenever possible. Where physical peering is not possible, we prefer to peer over EVIX. In the event that EVIX is not possible 10VPN may, at our discretion, permit a private interconnect via GRE, VXLAN or a similar tunneling protocol.

Additionally, we have some specific rules for peering with some of our other ASNs:

IRR Filtering

10VPN strongly encourages the use of IRRDB to describe a networks routing policy and valid prefixes. 10VPN operates several IRR AS-SETs: